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 Founded in 2003

MISSION  « To make available the knowledge and expertise of Leading Canadian Environmental Lawyers to assist in the expeditious and private resolution of environmental disputes. »


The Canadian Centre for Environmental Arbitration and Mediation (CCEAM) is a referral roster of senior environmental law practitioners in Canada. All members of CCEAM have significant and indepth experience in environmental law in their respective jurisdictions. The members of CCEAM are available to provide expeditious and private resolution of environmental disputes through mediation or arbitration of those disputes.

The CCEAM roster enables you to access the expertise of its members for the resolution of environmental disputes of virtually all types: from disputes between two adverse parties to complex multiparty civil actions and public interest project siting disputes. Our expertise ranges through disputes concerning contaminated lands, water rights, air emissions, nuisance claims, environmental assessment processes and First Nations consultations on environmental projects. Our roster members are practitioners at the forefront of environmental law development in Canada, and have a reputation for practical, creative and effective environmental dispute resolution.

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